Monday, December 6, 2010

Art and whatnot....

As an avid liker of all things pretty- it comes as no surprise that I should be headover heels in love with this Narate Kathong painting titled The Season of Love- Red Forest. It is a whopping 200 x 200 and I absolutely adore it. It is available in Melbourne at a lovely little price of $9K- I would call it a beautiful investment piece (husband are you reading this??), maybe next time you are in Singapore, just plop this baby under your arm as I hear they are cheaper there :-)

At the complete polar opposite is this magnificent piece- Natural Curiosities- Lord Bodner's Octopus Study Triptych which my husband will pick up for me next time he is in the states. I adore it, and as I am decorating in greys, duckegg, pink and mirror it will fit in beautifully with our decor. He is my "pet".

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