Saturday, July 31, 2010


beautiful innocence and an amazing mum, these photos from Mila's Daydreams

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Has it really been that long....

Not too sure where I pulled these from, but if you know, please let me know and I will credit...

Two things I love- One: New England Homes and Two: Transom Windows (this in addition to many other things I love, but these really really really make me weak at the knees, squeal with delight, back of hand to forehead, Love like no other Leo could LOVE!)

It would be my dream to build one of these homes in the area I live in- HOWEVER, I live in an area where the colour of your chipbark (no I am not a fan, but this just shows you how much they govern what you build/ use) has to be approved by the board. The houses are very "Grolloesqe", you will NOT find a flower unless it is at the florist, and it is such a shame that there are no homes with character. Lots of big beautiful homes, but no character (except for the people in them!). So for now, because I LOVE my neighbours I will live in Grollo town and dream of the New England home that awaits me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oui Oui Oui

Sipper Cups

Eiffel Tower Centrepiece
I seen these a while ago and think they are fantastic for a children's French Poodle theme party!
Although based in the US, they still ship here, great time, reasonable price postage, ADORABLE products!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pick On Us...

Let's talk parties again, well why not it is my favourite thing! Today I thought I would talk about "picks" as in things to poke through your food and make it look reaaaalll pretty.

I cam across this US company- such decorative picks- you could do some amazingly creative things with these babies.

I, like many others also love the rock candy sticks, if you are interested in stocking them (just the sticks- no candy), please let me know.

Look at how Amy Atlas has used her swizzle sticks- take two marshmallows, dip them in chocolate and white (or colour of your choice) sprinkles (technical term), and voila!

Locally you can try The Party Studio- she has a collection of bamboo picks and products that are just adorable.

I love the little details, picks and all...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peg head cake toppers...

I absolutely adore anything cake related, and when I saw these from Lollipop Workshop (Be Cheery on Flickr)a while ago I thought, "I do not have a daughter, but I definitely want one!!!", then the price hit me- US$125+, a bit rich for my fictional daughter.
So I embarked on a how to frenzy. I came across this tutorial from Ohdeedoh (love it)! Next was to purchase supplies, I found some at Spotlight, but not the right shape balls for the heads etc. I came across an Aussie company called, Country Craft Cottage. I bought ALL the supplies for $20- this would make 10 dolls in total, and it arrived the day after I purchased them on line- excellent service!
So here is my first time at making a cake topper peg doll thingi. I didnt have any spray gloss, so I used nail polish varnish...very pleased with the first try..

FYI- the girl is perched on a square plate, jazzed up with paper and ribbon on some genius hot pink candle stands- note to everyone, our cat was in the bad books that day as he managed to smash one of them!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Suitcase Inside Info...

For those of you who adore these suitcases as much as me then you are going to love this! When I was doing bows, I would make little gifts and pack them into these suitcases. I hunted HIGH & LOW for these babies so as I could purchase them wholesale.

I found a company based in Melbourne called Knox & Floyd- they stock a large selection of products and the prices are incredible. If you are a business owner or have an ABN, then I would highly recommend them. Minimum order is $300.00 (from memory) BUT these suitcases sell themselves!

FYI- these polkadot suitcases come in sets of 4 and are $28.60 (inc GST) for the lot, the little plain sets are $25.30 (inc GST) for 3.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Black and I don't love each other...

Black and I do not love each other, but today I will make an exception. I am currently in table mode and doing my mock set up. The client chose black, silver and white as her colour theme. So today I have been in conversion mode, my fingers are black (I dont think graffiti artist will be making my resume), there have been quite a few teatowels lost to the 'art' also. There will be a white ruffle tableskirt, black vessels, white food, silver accents....just to set the scene. Cannot give away anymore...........

These cake stands are actually candlesticks, with glass plate that I have spray painted semi gloss black. (they are still waiting on their top coat to make them food safe..). Perched on top are the cupcake wrappers I made using my fandangle cutting machine- I LOVER IT!
These ruffled "whatsies" (thanks Faux Fuschia for the technical term)are two little bowls that I have painted, turned on top of each other and gussied up with a ribbon.
Another semi matt bowl that has been painted and is waiting on it's last coat- these bowls were a grand total of $7.95!
And this is my lesson learnt. I started off on the bottom and primed it, not thinking that I needed to see black through the bottom of the glass plate, not silver primer- so now the whole thing has been painted, super gloss and very pretty. It has a lovely bottom so I can use it either way...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ruffle Me Happy...

View all the prettiness over at Style Me Pretty. I adore the rosette details, the ruffle table skirt, the flowers- everything! Oh and notice the Rosanna Inc cake stand- heaven! Abbie Larson has also just completed a fantastic DIY for the 'from inspiration to wedding' they held. Some excellent ideas in there for the budget conscious!

Hank + Hunt

Such a simple idea, but so pretty and effective. These ruffled garlands are also making my eyes drool.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Caketress

I know I have posted about The Caketress before, but she is one of the most amazing women, I adore her cakes- what is not to love about ruffles!! Check out her blog. Your eyes may water- but never fear, it will simply be them drooling over the prettiness!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The verdict is in.....

Having seen Sex & The City 2 quite a number of times (thank you ladies..) I can honestly say I adore everything about it, especially the set designs. Do not get me wrong I am not "cheating on fashion with furniture", but oh my goodness, I went weak at the knees over quite a few of the design elements!

The 'Lola' ottomon by Anne Kyro Quinn makes me so very happy! Glee happy!

Here you can see Thomas O’Brien's Hallings Secretary from Hickory Chair. The wallpaper by Cole & Son, the Rococo Damask pattern, and Damask has never looked so good!

The headboard fabric is Velvet Gate Tuxedo fabric from Kravet, I think it is beautiful, and has me questioning my simple coloured headboard.

Whilst this handblown glass and gold lighting fixture is stunning, dont go heading down to Beacon lighting yet! It is $15,360! (for sale at Lindsey Adelman's Web site). The wallpaper you see in the entry foyer is Oiseau in Chocolate by Katie Ridder available through Holland & Sherry in New York. I love wallpaper, I would do an Anna Spiro and wallpaper the toilet if I could!

Another of my favourites, these chairs make me hyperventilate! The fabric is Belgravia from Lee Jofa which also comes in a wallpaper, Belgravia wallpaper from Cole & Son. The tiles are three-dimensional and are custom made. They had a carbon glaze with a silvery sheen. They are from Heath Tile in Sausalito, California- sorry Aussie folks.

So there you have it, I am off to dream up my future furniture, sigh!