Thursday, September 23, 2010

Run...Don't Walk....

A little while ago I spied a "gem of a find" at Spotlight of all stores. I pulled it off the top shelf (keep in mind I am only 157cm tall- determined I know), pulled this "gem of a find" out of the box- lid and no spigot on the, "gem of a find"...CRAP!
So out of site, out of mind. Then I got a message from Suzanna at Mon Tresor...she had purchased the "gem of a find" via mail order. Now what is it??? The very much desired thing of the moment in the party world, apart from Sharnel Dollar...- BEVERAGE DISPENSERS!!!! Now it is such a gem, because it is only $49.95 (I know, I hyperventilated too) and it is SPOTLIGHT, who would have thought, and it is only $6.95 postage (that is amazing these days, considering I was recently quoted $248 shipping for one from USA). Now it is only carried at a certain number of Spotlight stores, so you can call head office and RUN DON'T WALK as I feel they will be snapped up quite quickly.
If you happen to miss out, Sharnel Dollar Designs will be stocking the most amazing collection of drink dispensers, patisserie stands (cannot wait), unique cake stands, signature table skirts and all sorts of beautiful items that you WILL NOT see anywhere else. Sharnel's online store is officially open for business (insert squuueeeeeaaalllll of excitement here)
Please excuse my poor excuse of "photography"...


  1. yaya! is this from spotlight near your way?!!

  2. OMG that is so cool! I am definately running to Spotlight to see if they have one. I hope they have them at my local!