Saturday, July 10, 2010

Suitcase Inside Info...

For those of you who adore these suitcases as much as me then you are going to love this! When I was doing bows, I would make little gifts and pack them into these suitcases. I hunted HIGH & LOW for these babies so as I could purchase them wholesale.

I found a company based in Melbourne called Knox & Floyd- they stock a large selection of products and the prices are incredible. If you are a business owner or have an ABN, then I would highly recommend them. Minimum order is $300.00 (from memory) BUT these suitcases sell themselves!

FYI- these polkadot suitcases come in sets of 4 and are $28.60 (inc GST) for the lot, the little plain sets are $25.30 (inc GST) for 3.

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