Friday, July 9, 2010

Black and I don't love each other...

Black and I do not love each other, but today I will make an exception. I am currently in table mode and doing my mock set up. The client chose black, silver and white as her colour theme. So today I have been in conversion mode, my fingers are black (I dont think graffiti artist will be making my resume), there have been quite a few teatowels lost to the 'art' also. There will be a white ruffle tableskirt, black vessels, white food, silver accents....just to set the scene. Cannot give away anymore...........

These cake stands are actually candlesticks, with glass plate that I have spray painted semi gloss black. (they are still waiting on their top coat to make them food safe..). Perched on top are the cupcake wrappers I made using my fandangle cutting machine- I LOVER IT!
These ruffled "whatsies" (thanks Faux Fuschia for the technical term)are two little bowls that I have painted, turned on top of each other and gussied up with a ribbon.
Another semi matt bowl that has been painted and is waiting on it's last coat- these bowls were a grand total of $7.95!
And this is my lesson learnt. I started off on the bottom and primed it, not thinking that I needed to see black through the bottom of the glass plate, not silver primer- so now the whole thing has been painted, super gloss and very pretty. It has a lovely bottom so I can use it either way...

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  1. i really like what you've done to convert the glass plate!! do you paint or spray them or both? such a lovely craft idea i can imagine turning various white things into colours! do you mind sharing the steps in doing this? very inspired!