Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Around the house....


Image Courtesy of Amy Atlas

Image Courtesy of The Ivory Social

Image Courtesy of The Ivory Social

Today- please excuse my poor excuse for photography- I thought I would show you how to achieve cake plates and stands using items from around your house and how you do not have to go and buy that $80 apothecary jar to achieve something amazing (although granted I have bought many an apothecary jar!!)

In my display of photos I have mostly used candle stands that I have purchased from $2 shops and homewares shops. The mirrored cake stand would look magnificent with little ruffle cupcakes. This was achieved using table centrepiece mirrors- total cost of $10.00 and two candle sticks which were $3.50each- I seen something similar for approximately $240, which equals BIG SAVINGS and easily achievable results. Similarly the jars would make wonderful lolly jars at children's birthday parties- these were purchased for a grand total of $5.50 (for both of them!!). Again bought at a local homewares, gift shop- you know the sort, the cheap ones!

I have included two dessert tables I made, one for Easter- which is where you will see many a candle stand being used, and the other was a party that a good friend let me run wild with and majorly get my girl on for her daughter Charlie. Boxes were covered in wrapping paper from Details Details- very well priced! If you require larger rolls for bigger jobs- like using it as a 'table cloth' for children's parties- try Wrapco, and my cake plates in the front were cardboard covered in tissue paper- used as a colour accent to the table!

The big bulky black candlesticks (bought from a local homewares store) will look incredible with matt black platters on them- I am still looking for the plates but I may end up spraypainting the bottom of an interesting glass platter in a matt black- it works without chipping the paint- voila custom cake stand! Look closely at the Amy Atlas picture I have included- recognise the cake stands???
She has used compote dishes, bowls, cake plates and the candle sticks that I have now acquired- joy joy joy!

The big black urn was bought on sale at Target- I am going to take the lid off this and put phalenopsis orchids in it to cascade down the urns body- another option for this is to add a platter to the top of it (of course remove the lid) and you have a very amazing looking stand. Add your ribbons, accents and signs to it and you would be amazed at just how crafty you can be...

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