Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Planning....

I am in party planning mode and August is a HUGE month for our household. I am helping a dear friend co-ordinate her birthday, plus there is my birthday, and it will be my sons 4th birthday also (the details of his party will follow on another post).

Whilst I will not reveal my friends birthday details- until after the fact, I am more than happy to divulge the details of what will be waiting for my very dear friends for my birthday.

We will be having a wonderful "Beauty Bar"- head on over to Nonpareil Magazine to see the details and FREE downloadable templates and recipes for the products. Now if you dont have time to mix the lotions and potions- my go to place is New Directions. It is where you will find the bases for lotions, lipglosses, mineral powders, sunscreen, shampoos- pretty much any beauty necessity you can think of is here and they also have the recipe mixes too. They also have the packaging which you can dazzle up either with your own design or Nonpareil Magazines downloadable templates.

The second part of my soiree will be a little tea party- if only the fabulous Jessica Claire could put something together for me- like she does for her students.
Don't you absolutely love the "hot air balloons"- images via Jessica Claire for Style Me Pretty.

So these images will go towards creating my mood board- are you getting a feel for what the party will be like- VERY GIRLY! Head on over to nonpareil magazine- it is a wonderful read- so inspiring and the downloadable templates are heaven!

Am I inspiring you to have a party? Has the obsession caught on yet?

Now where are my chandeliers....

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