Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smooch Bow Tutorial...

I spent a long time deciding whether or not I would let people in on the many techniques I use at Pink Theodore- obviously I decided I would go ahead and share the inner workings. There is no guarded secret when it comes to bows, there are many wonderful tutorials out there (my photos are clearly horrible, and I think it is definitely time for a mani!!) but it is time to let go of my little business baby that I have spent years building up- and heaven forbid I should keep all of this knowledge and HOURS spent researching and perfecting to myself!

This tutorial is for my many friends who have asked HOW IS THIS DONE, and who have patiently waited for me to come off "maternity leave"- if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Whilst it looks fiddly and may take some getting used to- it is actually easy and I have made PLENTY of orders whilst bouncing Baby S in the Bjorn!

As I said questions are more than welcome, hard to make a bow and take GREAT photos- considering even when I am at my most capable- I still manage to take a shocking photo...APOLOGIES!!

Small details- you should just start practicing on cheap ribbon from Spotlight, then try Ebay- best source for printed ribbons- a place called Oh My Gosh Goodies on Ebay, she also sells the alligator clips in bulk. I have plenty of other sources, just email me, I would be happy to help. If you are just doing it for birthdays or little gifts- then definitely try HairHouse Warehouse for the clips- they are called Pincurl Clips. The wire is available through Spotlight in the beading section and the "non-slip" grip is actually felt which comes with a sticky backing. You just cut it to size. To seal the edges, simply run a lighter over the end quickly maybe three times. For businesses, I got my cards made up at Pixo- FANTASTIC prices!!!

More tutorials will be coming soon...stay tuned....

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